Entry 1

Hi. I’m not going to tell you my real name, but for now you can think of me as Stacy. That’s a girly enough name, right? An important thing about me for this part of the story is that I am a cheerleader. Everything I put in here is true and really happened, and yes, I am that much of a bitch. Anyways…this all started with a boy. That’s how it always starts right? Anyways, lets give him a name. How about Mike? So when I was little I always had a crush on Mike. He was always mean to me, but I still liked him. That is a different story though.

Fast forward to freshman year. Lets go ahead and fast forward to the day. February 25, 2017. You know, what would have been my 2 month anniversary with my boyfriend, but we broke up two days before this. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I wasn’t even hurt that much when we broke up. I guess that’s why this was easy.

So Mike and I have always been off and on friends, and sometimes even dated for a little bit. Never anything serious. He used to like me, he used to be in love with me. But I wasn’t ready then. And now he doesn’t like me.

Well, the day after I broke up with my boyfriend, I told Mike about it. He saw that I wasn’t that upset, so he didn’t even try to comfort me. The next day, we played a game. It’s that one game where you write a name of someone on the inside of the other person’s hand, and a time on the outside. If they look at the name before the time you wrote, they have to ask the person out. Mike played that game. And when I showed everyone my hand, not looking at it myself, they all laughed and made it sound like a big deal. So I, of course, looked at it before the time.

It said Mike’s name. Mike wrote his own name. So I walked up to him, and asked him out. He jokingly said yes, and I jokingly pushed him away. I thought that was a sign he might still like me.

That night, there was a basketball game that I was cheering at. One of my best friends and I were waiting for it to start (it was a tournament) and it was a few hours away. Let’s call this best friend Tina. Tina suggested we go to Mike’s house. I agreed so we left. We went down to Mike’s room in the basement, he was playing a video game. The smell of his cologne was so powerful. It smelled amazing. I didn’t realize he were trying to cover up the smell of weed until a little while later. That honestly didn’t bother me.

That night, I texted him. I said, “Hey you should come over tonight.”


“Idk it would be fun”

“What do you want to do?”

“It’s a surprise lol. What  do you say?”

“Surprises can be fun. Sure.”

So you came over. Around 11, because both of our parents were asleep. That was my first time sneaking out. We went to a pond near my house, and sat at the picnic table. We talked for a while, but then we both got tired of that.

You started tickling me, and I finally grabbed your hands and put them around me as I turned around and leaned on you. You put your head on top of mine. Every once in a while, you would tickle me, making my body jerk up. Then you would put your face closer to mine. Soon enough, we started kissing. We kissed for a while like that.

Then I broke our kiss, sat up and looked at you. Then I kissed you. You grabbed my side, and my leg. You slowly moved your hand on my side down, and your hand on my leg up. At first you were on the outside of my leg, but then you moved to the inside. You put your hand in my pants. It felt amazing. I tried to pull you on top of me, but you didn’t do it. So finally I went on top of you. Then we were laying down, and you put your head back, and I put mine on your chest. I didn’t know at the time you wanted to keep going, I did too. I wish I would have known, but I didn’t know what to do so I just put your arms around me and we were how we started.

I had already fallen in love with you, but that night made me stay in love with you.


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